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How to Start a CASA Program

How to Start a CASA Program

Starting new CASA programs is part of what the Tennessee CASA Association does, but we need the help of caring individuals to do it! Getting a new program off the ground is hard work, requires a generous amount of time and a great amount of persistence, but is immensely rewarding.

Please check our "CASA Locations" page to see if there is already a program in your county; some of our CASA programs provide services to more than one county.

If there is not a program providing services in your county, then the first step is to contact the Tennessee CASA Association. We are the organization responsible for helping local programs begin, and new programs must join the state CASA organization in order to be eligible to join National CASA.

Before starting any CASA program, we will want to determine the answers to the following crucial questions:

  • Do the judges in the juvenile court in your county want a CASA program? 
  • Will they be willing to help, within the boundaries of judicial ethics, the program obtain community support?
  • Is there a need in the community for CASA advocates? 
  • The primary mission of CASA is to advocate for children in foster care.  How many children are in foster care in the community? 
  • How many cases of abuse and neglect involving the Department of Children's Services come before the juvenile court each year?

For more information please contact:
Lynne Farrar, Executive Director of Tennessee CASA
Please call our office 615-220-3990 or email a request to